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Wow! We did it. The community rallied and made it possible for the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens to achieve the goal to raise $2.5 million by June 30. It could not be done without you and others like you. Thank you so much for standing with us.

One of the most amazing observations has been that long time donors, brand new donors, very young donors, donors who have lived quite a long life, donors of diverse ethnicities and donors from $5 per month to $100,000 contributed to this campaign. There truly is NO ZOO WITHOUT YOU!

We made it through 2020, now what? Our team is now looking to grow our habitats, expand exhibits, improve our guest experience and build a strong emergency fund.

What’s on our current wish list?

1. Monthly givers from $20 to $1,000 each month. Monthly giving provides support for the emergency fund and ongoing (increasing) expenses or unexpected needs.

2. Enhancements for the animals in our care – check out this SwiftPaw Pro our friends have at the Brevard Zoo for the cheetahs in their care.  

·     Adding a Swift Paw Pro to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens – $2,000 total

3. The Orianne Center for Indigo Conservation

·     50 NEW High quality (YETI, GATR, Grizzly) 50 to 75 qt hard coolers or the funding to purchase them to create “mock” gopher tortoise holes for our resident Eastern indigos. These coolers are buried partially and need to be able to take years of exposure to the natural elements. No soft side please. Cost to purchase all 50 – about $15,000

4. The Zoo’s Horticulture team needs new or gently used tools:

·     One Gas powered pole hedge trimmer $230

·     One Self-propelled lawn mower $400

·     One Gas powered handheld Edger $300

(Please do not donate items that do not work, we do not have the resources to replace parts or dispose of old tools)

If you are able to support any of these needs or want to chat about all our funding opportunities, email No pressure conversations.

It really does “take a village” and “teamwork makes a dreamwork”. Thanks for being part of our village and our team. 

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