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House Bill 1507 to Establish the Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Office, Increase Accountability, and Further Integrate Florida’s Workforce and Education Systems to Better Serve Students, Job Seekers, and Workers

Orlando, Fla., — CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF), Florida’s second largest regional workforce board, today applauds the recent signing of House Bill 1507 by Governor Ron DeSantis — a comprehensive policy reform put into law aimed at enhancing performance, accountability and further integration of Florida’s workforce and education systems to better serve students, career seekers and businesses. As a state and federally funded non-profit organization, CSCF remains committed to the responsible stewardship of its $46.2M budget and the ongoing improvement of workforce development throughout Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Sumter Counties.

“CareerSource Central Florida welcomes this comprehensive policy reform and is looking forward to working closely with the new REACH office, the Department of Economic Opportunity and our peers across the state as these policies are implemented in the coming months,” said Pam Nabors, CSCF President & CEO. “Transparency, ethical practices and a dedication to strong outcomes have been consistent mainstays for our organization. We are pleased to see the state craft a blueprint to standardize one-stop career services, enhance performance measures, increase return on investment, ensure accountability, and drive Florida’s workforce and education systems toward excellence.”

CSCF is the designated entity to receive and administer U.S. Department of Labor funds on behalf of the five counties it serves. The organization focuses its talent development strategies within identified high-growth industries and prioritizes its strategic plan to target needed skills for careers that have a starting wage of $15 per hour or higher. It has met or exceeded all federal performance requirements throughout the past three years and, by the nature of its size as the second largest workforce board in Florida, helped boost the state’s performance to exceed its required federal performance measures.

CSCF is governed by a Consortium of chief elected officials and a Board of Directors who represent senior decision makers from business, education, community and labor organizations across Central Florida. The five-county region is home to 81,120 private businesses (Federal Reserve, Bank of St. Louis, Q12020) and 2.8 million residents (U.S. Census, 2019).

Editor’s Note: To view CSCF’s 2020-2021 Performance Infographic, click here.

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