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The 2021 Annual Water Quality Report is being mailed with the City of Sanford Utility bills starting this week. Required by the State of Florida, this report serves as the City’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

The CCR is designed to inform customers about the quality of water Sanford customers receive from its Utility every day. A good faith effort must be made to reach customers who do not directly pay water bills, such as residents of apartment complexes.

Sanford’s communication strategies to satisfy this requirement include:

*Providing multiple copies upon request.

*Advertising the availability of the report to the media.

*Posting the report in public places and on the City’s website

*Providing a copy to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for posting on its internet site.

The City of Sanford 2021 Water Quality Report can be accessed here

Lisa Holder, MPA

Communications Officer

City Manager’s Office

City of Sanford
p:  407.688.5019

f:  407.688.5002

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