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Georgetown Historic District in Sanford added to

the National Register of Historic Places on October 8, 2020

We are proud to announce the Georgetown Historic District in Sanford was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 8, 2020. The National Register is a list of historic buildings and sites in the United States that are worthy of preservation.

The Georgetown Historic District is a historically African American neighborhood comprised of residences, commercial buildings, churches, funeral homes, and a school. Early settlement of the area began in the 1880s along Sanford, Pine and Cypress Avenues. The built environment of Georgetown is an intact representation of an African American neighborhood founded during the Jim Crow era;  however, a number of individual buildings have been lost over time, and new infill development has occurred, the remaining buildings convey the historic identity and continued development over the course of the 20th century. 

The District is roughly bounded by East 2nd Street and East 6th Street to the north, South Chapman, Locust, Bay and Mellonville Avenues on the east, Celery Avenue to the south and Sanford Avenue to the west. Several Georgetown residences and commercial district buildings were previously included in the Sanford Residential National Register District because of their architectural character; however, they are more closely associated with the history of Georgetown. St. James AME Church and the Hopper Academy are two properties in the District that are also individually listed on the National Register. 

The successful designation was the result of a more than ten-year effort of neighborhood leaders, the Sanford Museum, Historic Preservation staff, and the State of Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation. The project began with a photographic survey and historical research in 2005 and concluded with this formal recognition of the historic significance of these properties.    

“I highly appreciate the cooperation, support and technical assistance provided on this matter to bring the community of Georgetown to a national level of recognition at this time. I look forward to the collaboration with interested stakeholders, volunteers, residents, family/friends and new neighbors.  My passion is deeply embedded in making sure that the legacy of Georgetown be preserved appropriately and be sustained to keep the richness of our historical culture for everybody to experience.  I am a proud Georgetownian ready to do the work. Congratulations to the City of Sanford Florida for facilitating the process of adding value to an already highly valued community,” said Claudia Brown, a lifelong Historic Georgetown resident.

“The City of Sanford is proud of its history and we continue to seek opportunities to recognize and protect our historic neighborhoods,” said Mayor Art Woodruff. 


Lisa Holder, MPA

Communications Officer

City Manager’s Office

City of Sanford
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