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News From City Hall

For Immediate Release, May 5, 2020

For Further Information Contact: Lisa Holder, Communications Officer


City of Sanford Issues Emergency Proclamation Regarding

Use of Public Spaces by Restaurants

The City of Sanford recognizes the importance of our businesses to the overall well-being and vibrancy of the Sanford community. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, surrounding COVID-19 related impacts to the City of Sanford business community, we are pleased to announce the approval of the Emergency Proclamation/Regulations Regarding City sidewalks, City owned areas, and right of way public spaces and the expansion of restaurants into vacant abutting space.

It is the City’s desire to assist local businesses in reopening operations responsibly with regard to public health, safety and welfare, specifically as it relates to social distancing; the above-referenced Emergency Proclamation/Regulations was approved and adopted on May 4, 2020.

The Emergency Proclamation/Regulations strives to expand permitted activities regarding outdoor dining/serving areas to encourage separation between patrons. This Proclamation affects all City of Sanford businesses with a Sidewalk Café Permit and is effective as of the date executed. These uses are temporary to provide assistance to Sanford’s local businesses. A copy of the Proclamation is attached. 

Sanford businesses are reminded this proclamation does not waive or otherwise modify requirements in both State Statute and local ordinances pertaining to alcohol consumption on and off premises. All businesses are responsible for following liquor licensing requirements and all statutory as well as local regulatory directives. Regarding the unlawful possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages on public streets, thoroughfares, and sidewalks, please refer to Sanford City Code: Chapter 6 – Alcoholic Beverages.

For more information, please contact Darrel Presley, Executive Director Development Services at 407-688-5162 or Bob Turk, Director of Economic Development at 407-688-5015.


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