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SANFORD, Fla. – Finding toilet paper these days is like finding gold. So FOX 35 News went straight to the source.

It turns out that some of the world’s two-ply prize is manufactured in Sanford, Florida at Resolute Tissue. Bob Visscher, the General Manager gave us a look behind the scenes.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen Resolute at the store, it’s because they work for client brands that you would probably recognize.

“[Our clients] orders are coming more quickly because they’re seeing their shelves becoming emptied obviously so we’re filling orders more quickly,” said Debbie Johnston, the director of U.S. public affairs at Resolute Tissue.

Johnston said Wednesday that the supply chain is perfectly fine and Resolute won’t run out of pulp. She added that hundreds of truck loads leave their mills everyday. If people shopped like they normally do, the shelves would fill back up. Until then, resolute employees will be working 24/7.

“[The workers] have a strong commitment to come to work so that people get the products that are in such high demand.” said Johnston.

In addition to pumping out tp round the clock, the Sanford mill just donated close to 200 cases of toilet paper to the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber then gives the toilet paper to nearby non-profits. Those roles were slightly imperfect, meaning the company is not taking away from the roles going into stores, and neither are the employees.

“We don’t get direct ships. I’m out there fighting for it like everybody else,” said Johnston.

Looking for a job? The Sanford operation is currently hiring employees at all experience levels, both in operating positions and maintenance.  Interested individuals should contact the mill’s HR department at 407-792-0821 for more information.  

Here is the link to see the video

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