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By Savanna Weis, MS, Seminole Science Charter School

As we continue to quarantine ourselves during the COVID-19 crisis, becoming your child’s stand-in “teacher” may seem near impossible. Between the distraction of the TV, video games and other siblings – not to mention parents trying to do their own work – at home learning can be overwhelming.

One great way to get your child focused in the morning is to create a physical space they can work from each day, just like you may have created for yourself, if you are working at home. This space should be free of distractions like video game consoles, favorite toys or pets. Additionally, your child should work from a space other than their bed, like a desk or the kitchen table. A dedicated space will signal to students that it’s time to focus, empowering them to achieve their best work.

Creating a schedule will keep your kids focused throughout the day. Your child’s teacher may have already provided you with a daily schedule, but if not, create one of your own. Adding goals and deadlines give your child something to work towards. A schedule will keep the day flowing and prevent them from burning out before the end of each day.

Within your distance learning schedule, it’s a good idea to add in “brain breaks” too. In a traditional classroom setting, teachers will have their students get up and stretch in between lessons, and home learning should be no different. These breaks can be scheduled stretching times, or even a quick family pushup challenge. Feel free to get creative. In addition, limiting screen time is crucial to help your children focus on their schoolwork. If it works for your family, allow a few designated breaks throughout the day where your child can play their favorite game or watch some TV.

Lastly, parents across the country are in this together. You can find hundreds of free resources, from homework help to craft projects online. Additionally, teachers are still working and are there to help, so don’t forget to reach out when you need them.

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