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Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is pleased to announce that the district’s students performed extremely well based upon today’s release of the Florida Department of Education’s (FDOE’s) 2019 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) scores.

SCPS 8th Grade Math FSA #’s: Those particular scores are a bit of an outlier as our district encourages 8th Graders to take Algebra 1 and higher-level Math courses as opposed to 8th Grade Math.  In addition, we encourage our 7th Graders to take accelerated Math courses as well.  Thus, having an increase in more students taking higher-level math courses and accelerating student growth for all of our student populations.  Each district does things a bit differently and chooses what is best for them.  However, we feel accelerating all our students to achieve at the highest-level possible is an integral part of us remaining #1 in the state in STEM and preparing them to be our future-ready leaders of tomorrow.

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