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Of the College’s 200-plus programs, new offerings for 2019-20 include hospitality management, mechatronics and simulation.

SANFORD, Fla. (June 20, 2019) – Students at Seminole State College of Florida will have more academic options to choose from for the 2019-20 academic year when the College begins new programs and courses in high-demand, high-paying fields – hospitality management, mechatronics and simulation.

“We work with over 300 business advisory partners to identify industry trends and workforce needs,” said Dr. Laura Ross, vice president of Academic Affairs at Seminole State. “This ensures that we’re offering programs and courses that give students employable skills. We know that hospitality/tourism will continue to be a hot industry in Central Florida, and opportunities in STEM careers such as simulation and mechatronics are growing. Offering these options to prepare our students for future success is an obvious choice.”

Registration for Fall Term begins June 25 for most returning students and June 27 for new students. Classes begin Aug. 20.

Hospitality ManagementSeminole State’s new Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Hospitality Management will give students more than a taste of the industry. It’s designed to provide real-world experience through internships and networking opportunities. The program, which begins this fall, will also offer study abroad opportunities in hospitality and selected culinary experiences so students can be well-versed in the global aspects of the industry.

While other hospitality programs tend to be more focused on the culinary side of the industry, Seminole State’s A.S. in Hospitality Management is geared toward the business and leadership aspects. With specializations in hotel management and restaurant management, the degree can be tailored to suit students’ interests. With either path, students will learn essential management skills in finance, customer service theory, human resources, and marketing and communication. Plus, courses in the program are offered in online and hybrid (a mix of online and classroom instruction) formats, providing the flexibility that students with work, family or other obligations need.

MechatronicsWith Seminole State’s new Mechatronics Technical Certificate, students can learn the skills of the future for many industries including manufacturing, biotechnology, aerospace and animation. The demand for workers in this field is high. The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Florida 2030 report estimates that the state will need to fill two million new jobs in the next decade, and of those jobs, 200,000 will require some type of mechatronics, robotics or animation skills.

The 30-credit mechatronics certificate offers practical, hands-on learning experiences to prepare students for employment in a variety of manufacturing environments and can be completed in as little as one year. The certificate can also serve as a first step toward continuing education in mechatronics and engineering, as credits from the program can be applied to the College’s Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Engineering Technology. With the A.S. degree, students can then pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology at Seminole State and select the mechatronics and robotics specialization to develop expertise in the field.

SimulationA focus in simulation will be offered as part of the Programming Specialization within Seminole State’s Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Technology (B.S.I.S.T.). The new simulation courses, Simulation Software Design and Continuous Simulation, will allow students to build on skills acquired through courses in the A.S. degree in Computer Programming and Analysis Simulation Specialization. Students who earn the B.S.I.S.T. with the simulation focus can also continue their simulation education in select master’s degree programs, such as those with video game programming and simulation specializations at the University of Central Florida.

The simulation courses in both the A.S. and B.S.I.S.T. degrees were created in partnership with the National Center for Simulation and simulation industry experts. With Central Florida serving as a hub for more than 150 modeling, simulation and training companies, the job outlook in the region is favorable with salaries ranging from $70,000 to more than $100,000 depending on experience and skill.

With simulation skills, students will able to work for employers in various fields, including defense, healthcare and entertainment such as theme parks and video gaming.

Certificate Programs
Also new are two certificate programs for bachelor’s degree holders who wish to enhance their skills and three college-credit certificates for specialization, continuing education or employment.

Students are encouraged to register early to have a better chance of securing the class schedule they want. Returning students who register for at least six credit hours from June 24-28 are eligible to enter a contest to win free textbooks for their Fall Term courses through the College’s Enroll & GO! initiative.

To apply for admission or register for classes, students may visit, or speak with a student success specialist on any Seminole State campus.


About Seminole State College of Florida: Seminole State College of Florida, established in 1965, serves nearly 30,000 students across six sites in Central Florida. A comprehensive college, Seminole State has awarded more than 100,000 credentials, from bachelor’s degrees to high school diplomas, and offers more than 200 degrees, certificates and programs designed for success. For more about the college, visit, like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter: @seminolestate.

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